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Life Games involves people in a cooperative experience, with fun activities that are easy to perform with fun equipment including earthballs, parachutes and heaps more.

Life Games are safe and great fun. They are suitable for people of all ages and abilities, since they can be made more active or passive to suit the needs of particular groups.

'Life. Be in it.' can organise your whole function whether it is a school sports day, Church picnic or company picnic, or a variety of parties, indoors or out, with or without equipment. Life Games can be played with a few people or thousands.

Life Games Packages can be developed to suit your individual needs. Every booking comes with trained leaders to arrange equipment and the activities in consultation with you.

Special Events - we can run these events for you or adapt our games to your theme as required. ie Colonial, International

Adventure Team Challenge - team building activities to give people confidence and group challenges that successfully unite the players without intimidation or getting people too far from their comfort zone. We want people to enjoy the experience not have them become isolated from the rest of the group!

Entertainment and Amusements - we have contacts with a variety of amusements including: bouncy castles, rides, etc

 Shopping Centre promotions - indoor activities suitable for shopping centres including: art 'n craft, obstacle course, sidewalk games, balloon tying and face painting.

Specialised Equipment - these include waterslides, obstacle course, art \'n craft, bowls, croquet, skittles etc

Life Games Training - we train people to become paid leaders and helpers. Workshops are held on site to provide a range of opprtunities to the right person.

If you would like to book a session please email info@wa.lifebeinit.org or call us 1300 73 83 63


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