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School Games

School Games

School Tabloid Sports Days

Life. Be in it. can provide trained leaders and a variety of equipment to complement your sports days or to run a fun day for individual classes or the whole school.


Our leaders will set up stations that are chosen by the school and with some teacher supervision can run each individual event for up to 15-20 mins. The Classes rotate and the games continue.

Sample Life Games program include:

Station 1: Earthball

Station 2: Tug o? War & 3 Legged Bands

Station 3: Parachute

Station 4: Stilts and geetas

Station 5: Firefighters mat

Station 6: Space hoppers, hoops and quoits.

Special Events

Stations could also be set up for the following modified games such as:



Discus  Gymnastics 
Hockey Shot put
Aquatic Medley Relay  Pentathlon


Hammer throw 
Volley Ball  

World Games

(various countries samples below?)

Australia England Israel
Russia France Slovenia
Germany USA Alaska
Egypt Japan New Zealand

Themed Events

If your school is celebrating any special events, Life Games can be modified to suit your needs. For example:

Colonial Games, Bush Games, Team Challenge Games or games for young adults.

Other options for:

School Picnics, fetes, OSHC & small groups

Choose the number of leaders, equipment and time you require according to student / people numbers
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