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Is you organisation planning an event, fair, festival, corporate gathering?  Then 'Life. Be in it' WA can probably help.
At 'Life. Be in it' we have a range of programs and skills to assist any group with their planning and running of an event.
From using our popular Life Games Service through to hosting sports events - 'Life. Be in it' is there to help.
Across the country 'Life. Be in it' has been behind some major events from somthing as small as a birthday party though to a major sports carnival.
So if your work function needs a little bit of livening up from team challenge games for staff through to arts and crafts for kids to keep them amused then we can help.
For futher details on what we can do for you please call our office on 1300 73 83 63 or drop us an email at info@wa.lifebeinit.org


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